Muddy Business in the Yellow Sea

Shorebirds complete some of the most incredible migrations, but their conservation is at a crossroads in a region where coastal management is highly contested.


Intertidal networks: an interview with Sonia Kefi

A first step in our understanding of how complex ecological systems might respond to environmental change is to know all the possible ecological links among constituent species. Research in this context, so far, has been partial to feeding interactions and paid less attention to non-trophic ones. In a first-of-its-kind study published recently in Ecology, Sonia Kefi and colleagues describe a comprehensive ecological network including all known trophic and non-trophic interactions among 100 species living in the marine intertidal areas of the Chilean coast. Hari Sridhar spoke to Sonia Kefi about the origins this study, its main findings, and its implications for our understanding of the resilience of complex systems.


The paradox of militarised conservation and justice in decentralised forestry

A growing trend of illegal resource utilisation countered with armed responses across East Africa’s protected areas.


Palming off the forests: social and ecological implications of introducing oil palm plantations in North-east India

Several examples from South-east Asia provide evidence to suggest that oil palm plantation development is riddled with complexity.


Reviving extinct species - future of science or fool’s errand?

What do the passenger pigeon, the Spanish Ibex and the woolly mammoth have in common? Although officially extinct, they are all now challenging the meaning of the word because, in each case, scientists are working on bringing them back to life.