• Editor’s Note CCKids 10.1

    We are also happy to announce the launch of a Current Conservation children’s section, from this edition onwards. More about this from our editors Matt, Ankila and Kalyani.
    If you’re 10 years old, plus or minus a few
    And you enjoy the outdoors, plants, animals and birds
    Then starting this summer we have something new
    Current Conservation Kids, just for you!
    There’s a project to join, and stories to read,
    Fun facts about nature for you and your friends,
    There’s the bull and the bear and the bumbley bee
    And you must meet, George, who works in a tree!
    We hope you’ll enjoy this, we’d love to know.
    Tell us your thoughts, send us ideas you have.
    Round up your classmates and start a pen pal group,
    Or send questions for George if you want to know more!

    Issue Editor’s: Matthew Creasey, Ankila Hiremath & Kalyani Ganapathy

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