• Editor’s Note CC Kids 10.2

    Welcome to the 2nd ever edition of Current Conservation (Kids)! In this issue, all our stories are about the wild, wet and wonderful world of the seas and oceans – Earth’s marine ecosystem. We will learn about the different ways to study marine
    wildlife, and what scientists can learn from local fisherman. We meet Phil, a shark biologist who spends his days on the sea, tracking the 2nd biggest fish in the world, the basking shark.

    And once you’ve finished all that, we’re sure you’ll be ready for lunch – why not take a trip to the cleaner fish café? Dive with us down to the coral reef and read about the small fish that earn a living by cleaning the scales of bigger fi sh, and their relationships with all the other species living amongst the coral. Together, let’s plunge into Earth’s oceans, and meet the fascinating people and wildlife that live there.

    Issue Editor:Matthew Creasey

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