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  • Editor’s Note CCKids 10.3

    The invaders are coming, and they’re everywhere!! Whether they’re slithering like the Burmese python, sliding like the African land snail or are hiding in the poo of a buffalo like the mesquite plant, they are finding ways into new areas. In this issue of CCKids, we interview Geetha Ramswami, an expert on the spread of Lantana plants, and ask how it is getting into your neighbourhood. We also give you an introduction into various other types of invaders you might encounter.

    And have you ever listened to an island speak? The voice of a land surrounded by water? What would it say if the water was rising? Climate change is meaning seas are rising in many places. In Sshhhhhhh, an island finds its voice. Try reading it out
    loud, counting 1, 2, 3, 4 for the rhythm. Find the rhythm of the Earth… And on ‘The Flip Side’ we feature Jim Jourdane’s spectacularly illustrated ‘field- adventure- gonewrong’ stories.

    Happy reading!

    Issue Editor: Matthew Creasey

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