• Editors Note 10.4

    The last year has seen an array of social movements across the world which have changed political and cultural landscapes, for better or worse. Conflicts over resources and ideologies, covering both urban and rural demographics have taken over headlines both overseas and at home. In this issue our authors have tried to capture the need for us all to stay informed of developments around us, especially in this so-called ‘post-truth’ era. Caitlin Kight reviews Andrea Wulf’s tribute to Alexander von Humboldt, once a household name but now forgotten by most. Making knowledge accessible to laymen has never been more critical and we would do well to imitate Humboldt’s efforts. KanchiKohli and Manju Menon lay bare the murky world of compensation for environmental damage. Clarice Wambua and Rose Birgen, describe the common tensions between large development activities and local community livelihoods through their case study from Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya. Bharti Dharapuram interviews Harini Nagendra about the field of urban ecology and Harini’s work addressing Bangalore’s environmental woes. She also reviews Harini’s new book which traces Bangalore’s environmental history.

    Issue editors: Marianne Manuel 

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