Hari Sridhar

After completing a PhD on mixed-species flocks with Kartik Shanker, Hari spent six months at the Wisenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. Since early 2015 he has been a postdoc  in Vishwesha Guttal’s lab in the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science. In addition to doing research, he teaches a course on birds to Master’s students in Azim Premji University, an Ecology course at IIT-Palakkad, and conducts interviews of scientists.

I recently completed my post doctoral research project on the impacts of invasive plants on native plant-animal interactions, and currently, head a citizen science initiative called SeasonWatch based at the Nature Conservation Foundation. I am interested in plant ecology and enjoy reading, writing and talking about plants.

Geetha Ramaswami

Madhuri Ramesh

I’m a Senior Fellow at Dakshin Foundation and a part of the Andaman Nicobar Environment Team. I am interested in interdisciplinary studies and interventions as well as making science accessible to the general public. At present my work focuses on marine political ecology in the Andaman Islands.

I am a postgraduate research fellow in the Quantitative and Applied Ecology Group at the University of Melbourne. I am interested in developing quantitative tools and modelling methods to address questions in conservation science. My current work aims to evaluate the impacts of global environmental, social and economic change on species distributions. Previously, I have applied decision theory and structured decision-making to identify monitoring methods for biodiversity management.

Payal Bal

Archana Anand

Archana Anand is an engineer and a biologist. She is currently doing her PhD at the University of Hong Kong, a National Geographic Explorer and researches human impacts on water quality, marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Her other interests are dancing and painting.

Milind Bunyan is the Coordinator at the Academy for Conservation Science and Sustainability Studies at ATREE, Bangalore. Milind’s research focuses on the use of field and remotely sensed data to improve our understanding of ecosystem response to global change. Milind received his PhD from the University of Florida and has worked previously with the U.S. Geological Survey and the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Milind Bunyan

Abhishek Harihar

I am a population ecologist at Panthera (www.panthera.org) and also as an adjunct scientist at NCF-India. My research interests span population ecology, law enforcement monitoring, measuring conservation effectiveness, and conservation decision making. I completed my doctoral degree from the Durrell institute of conservation and ecology, University of Kent studying the ecological and social factors influencing the tiger population in north-western Terai.


I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc. My research interests include vegetation dynamics, forest recovery and human impacts on these processes. I completed my Ph.D. from the National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore on the biogeography and macroecology of mammals in South Asia

Krishnapriya Tamma


Shalini Umachandran has been a journalist for about 15 years. She has
worked in Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai, and writes on gender, social
justice, environment, culture and the arts

Shalini Umachandran

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