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a quarterly not-for-profit magazine about conservation that engages both scientific and non-scientific audience with kids’ editions.

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current conservation is a not-for-profit quarterly print and online magazine that works with scientists, science writers, and artists across the world to tell stories from the field of conservation in a manner that engages both scientific and non-scientific audiences.

topics we cover
  • climate change
  • human-wildlife interaction
  • environmental policy
  • indigenous communities
  • wildlife conservation
  • urban ecology
  • water conservation
  • environment and design

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We are a not-for-profit, open access magazine committed to providing accessibility to our content.

As a non-profit, we don’t sell our magazine on newsstands. We rely on subscriptions, donations (scroll down), and the goodwill of people committed to or interested in conservation and human-nature relationships.

When you subscribe to Current Conservation, you are directly supporting our work, by helping us pay our associate staff and freelancers, while helping us source the best stories to tell in conservation.

The annual subscription of ₹800 for individuals (₹1500 for institutions) includes

  • Physical copies of all our print issues
  • First access to digital version of all the issues
  • Costs less than your monthly Netflix subscription
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you can help us by donating

Here are a few donation slabs to understand how you can donate. You can donate any amount.

₹5000 to support one illustration / article
₹10000 to support a cover illustration
₹20000 to support an issue of CC Kids
₹30000 to support all articles in an issue
₹60000 to support all illustrations in an issue
₹100000 to support the production of one issue
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