Kartik Shanker (Editor)

Kartik is Faculty at the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore where he indulges his fascination for ecology and evolution, working with students on frogs, reptiles, birds, plants, reef fish and other marine fauna. Kartik has worked on the biology and conservation of sea turtles for the last 25 years, and is the author of the book From Soup to Superstar, a historical account of sea turtle conservation in India. He is a Founding Trustee of Dakshin Foundation which works largely with coastal communities on natural resource conservation and management.  In his spare time, he seeks to distract young minds from more serious pursuits with books such as Lori’s Magical MysteryTurtle StoryThe Adventures of Philautus Frog and Moonlight in the Sea. As the Founding Editor of CC, he believes that art and science must meet more often, in creative and engaging ways.

Shruti Sunderraman is a journalist, writer, and editor who has been working with culture, gender, and scientific commentary. Conservation has made a place in her life in different ways – sometimes, in how she invokes the ecology of living into her work, and many times, in how she engages with the world. At Current Conservation, she tries to find the most effective way to communicate the urgency of science and all that lives. To Shruti, personal is political, which is why she hugs trees. She lives in Bangalore in her garden, with her cat.

Shruti Sunderraman (Executive Editor)

Manini Bansal (Managing Editor, Art Editor and Designer)

I can trace my passion for expressing things visually to my childhood. From a young age, I was inclined towards photography, nature and beauty as it is found in the everyday. Studying at Srishti and my experience while working as a photographer and designer further honed my skills. I started learning and loving the art of visual communication. I think it is safe to say that at any given day I’d rather draw a thing than spell it. My present role at Dakshin as the Art Director and Managing Editor of Current Conservation allows me to effectively combine my design and visual communication skills with my passion for the natural world and its conservation. Design for change is something I truly believe in, as I feel that information, when communicated easily and creatively, can make a huge difference.

I am a postgraduate in International  Studies, currently pursuing French at the Alliance Française. The stories and the knowledge around land, plants and trees and the food were common conversation topics in the family as I was growing up and has definitely helped me form an interest towards the environment and its conservation. My time at Current Conservation has definitely helped me understand and learn more about conservation and it has now become a growing passion. (As an assistant  managing  editor) I intend to use my personal stories and scholarship to bridge the growing gap between the environment and humanity.

Greta Ann Sam (Assistant Managing Editor)

Marianne Manuel (Junior editor)

Marianne Manuel is the Assisstant director at Dakshin Foundation and a Junior Editor at Current Conservation. Her work with Dakshin entails coastal governance, fishworker networks and the impacts of coastal laws and policies on traditional fishing communities. She works closely with fishworker unions and environmental organisations to carry out training and skill-sharing on coastal governance mechanisms.

Kanchi Kohli is a researcher and writer working on environment, forest and biodiversity governance in India. Her work explores the links between law, industrialization and environment justice by linking empirical evidence to legal and policy processes. She has individually and in teams authored several publications, papers and popular articles on the above-mentioned subjects. One of her current areas of research locates the concept of commodification of nature in real time environment policy and sustainability discourses.

Kanchi Kohli (Associate Editor)

Ankila Hiremath (Associate Editor)

Ankila is an ecologist who studies plants (especially invasive plants) and is interested in conservation and people’s use and management of savannas and forests. She enjoys the fact that her work gives her a chance to spend a lot of time outdoors, botanizing and exploring different ecosystems.

After completing a PhD on mixed-species flocks with Kartik Shanker, Hari spent six months at the Wisenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. Since early 2015 he has been a postdoc  in Vishwesha Guttal’s lab in the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science. In addition to doing research, he teaches a course on birds to Master’s students in Azim Premji University, an Ecology course at IIT-Palakkad, and conducts interviews of scientists. Hari is currently a post-doctoral fellow at NCBS, Bangalore

Hari Sridhar (Associate Editor)

Caitlin Kight (Associate Editor)

Caitlin Kight is an academic developer with a background in bioacoustics and animal behaviour, specialising in avian ecology. She engages in science communication and also teaches scicomm techniques to researchers around the world. She is a regular contributor to popular science magazines and wrote the natural history book Flamingo. She tweets as @specialagentCK.

Matthew Creasey is an ecologist, conservationist and writer. After completing a PhD studying birds in the Australian outback, he now works as Communications Specialist and Technical Writer for WildTeam UK, a not-for-profit charity which provides training and solutions to help conservationists increase their impact. When not working, he enjoys running ups hills.

Matthew Creasey (Junior Editor)

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