General Policies

Current Conservation is hosted by Dakshin Foundation, which is a civil society organisation with a mission towards bringing about positive social and environmental change. Both Current Conservation and Dakshin Foundation take their social responsibilities and legal obligations very seriously. In consultation with subject-specialists and leaders in the field of social change, we have put in place a number of internal policies covering aspects related to finance, personnel management and staff conduct. These policies ensure that Current Conservation is not just a safe working space for its employees, but also that its staff adopt practices that are socially responsible, culturally sensitive and lawful in nature. All relevant internal policies are shared with Current Conservation staff holding various positions and responsibilities. 

Current Conservation adopts a zero-tolerance policy on bullying, harassment and sexual exploitation and abuse.

The following policies at Current Conservation ensure that any reports of such practices are systematically raised and registered, investigated and acted upon. Some of the key policies in this regard are presented below as downloadable PDFs: 

Anyone interested in knowing more about these policies is welcome to write to us at requesting the same.