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Submission & Style Guide


References need to be limited to relevant literature and listed in alphabetical order at the end of the article.  Current Conservation follows Conservation & Society reference guidelines.

In-text citation:

  1. Where there are two authors, the surnames be separated with ‘and’.
  2. Where there are more authors, then the first author be followed with non-italicized ‘et al’. Eg: Sahojas et al., 2001.
  3. Personal communication should be denoted as ‘pers.comm.’ in parentheses.


  1. References should be listed in alphabetical order according to the last name of authors.
  2. Where there are more than seven authors, the names of the first seven authors should be listed followed with et al.
  3. Where there is more than one author, the first author’s surname should be followed by the first name initial, followed by the second author’s first name initial and then the surname in full. For all authors following the first author the first name initial should be followed by the surname in full.
  4. Titles of books, journal articles etc should be in sentence cases.
  5. Journal name should be expanded and the name of journals and books should be in italics.
  6. Acronyms should be followed by their expansion in parentheses.
  7. In case of more than two publishers or where the book was published in two places, it should be indicated as eg: UK and New Delhi: Oxford Publishers , New House Publishing Co.
  8. Where the source is unpublished report or undated then they be denoted as ‘Forthcoming’, ‘In Press’ or ‘In Review’.
  9. Where the article/book is published in multiple places by a single publisher then denote it as: place 1 and place 2: publisher.
  10. Where the book is published in one place by many publishers then denote it as: place: publisher 1, publisher 2, publisher 3…or place: publisher 1 and publisher 2.



Arya, S. L., J. S. Samra and  S. P. Mittal. 1998. Rural women and conservation of natural resources: traps and opportunities. Gender, technology and development 2(2): 167-185.

Books/Edited books:

MacKenzie, J. M. 2009. Museums and empire: natural history, human cultures and colonial identities . Manchester: Manchester University Press.

Adams, W. M., and M. Mulligan. 2003. Decolonizing nature: strategies for conservation in a post-colonial era. London: Earthscan.

Book chapters:

Plumwood, V. 2003. Decolonizing relationships with nature. In: Decolonizing nature: strategies for conservation in a post-colonial era. (eds. Adams, W.M. and M. Mulligan).1st edition. Pp 51—79. London: Earthscan.

For online reference/URL:

Conservation Leadership Program. 2015. Annual report. http://www.conservationleadershipprogramme.org/media/2016/08/CLP-2015-Annual-Report_website-1.pdf.  Accessed on April 15,2017.

Guidelines for Submissions:
  • Email subject: Submission_<Type of Article>
  • Submission text should have: Name of the author, Title of the article, Date of submission
  • File names should be in this format: Name of Author_ Article Type _ Date of submission
  • For RITs, the submission must contain the main research paper referenced, as a citation; and the full paper.
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