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We are a not-for-profit quarterly print and online magazine that works with scientists, science writers, and artists across the world to tell stories from the field of conservation in a manner that engages both scientific and non-scientific audiences.

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A distinguishing factor of CC’s work is our visual design. All CC articles go through a detailed art editing process to create rich, perceptive illustrations that amplify the stories that our writers tell and deepen the reader’s engagement with the content.

We also publish an annual supplement titled ‘Current Conservation Kids’ (CC Kids) that brings stories from conservation written specifically for children and young adults.

Our magazine survives on donations and the goodwill of organisations committed to or interested in environmental sensitivity and human-nature relationships. A donation of any amount will help us pay our associate staff and freelancers, while helping us source the best stories to tell in conservation.

advisory board

Ferenc Jordan Scientific Advisor, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Kalyan Varma Freelance wildlife photographer and filmmaker
Ananda Banerjee Journalist, www.anandabanerjee.in
Chris Sandbrook Senior Lecturer in Geography, University of Cambridge
C. Josh Donlan Director, Advanced Conservation Strategies
Brenden Godley Professor, University of Exeter
Eben Goodale Professor, Guangxi University


Current Conservation is a welcoming place for interns who help us with various activities of running a magazine.

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