2017 Dec vol 11


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Editor’s Note

Have you ever woken up with the first light, just as the world is starting to stir, and the birds are beginning to chatter and chirp? Matthew Creasey takes us into the Australian outback, as a family of babblers heads out early in the morning for a breakfast of creepers,
crawlers, and hoppers. And speaking of creepers and crawlers…Did you know there is a whole invisible world of creatures out there? Springtails that jump, beetles that sniff out their prey, and microscopic mites that trap their food in strands of silk! Join Georgianne Griffiths on the forest floor, where hundreds of tiny creatures are at work, hidden from view, breaking down leaf litter and recycling nutrients for other plants to use. Think of them, the next time you visit a forest—remember to take a magnifying lens with you! And let us know what you find. Happy reading!

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