The Same Tree

The same tree
that grew over the earth,
grew under… 

One spiraled upwards,
chasing the elusory sun.
One downwards,
seeking a stray trickle.  

One wore with pride
hues and flavors,
The other in modesty
hid knobs and knots.

 The day and the night
humored the moods of one.
The darkness spread before the other
like an endless road to tread. 

One welcomed life
fragile and featherless,
The other whispered
the promise  of rebirth to the dying.

One strung her notes
on the symphony of the season,
The other tapped
on the  metronome of eternity.

One stood on her toes,
squinting at the farthest star,
One bent in studying a grain of sand
just within her reach.

One shedding her clothes
thinking that the other will use it in her winter,
The other thrusting her  fingers in every pool
to quench their summer.

 The same trees grow over and under.
Looking out for each other,
yet looking in the other direction.
Like sisters.